Fri | Sep 22, 2023

Windshield wiper on murder charge freed

Vows to get baptised and ‘stay out of trouble’

Published:Thursday | June 8, 2023 | 12:39 AMTanesha Mundle/Staff Reporter

A windshield wiper who had been in custody since June 2015 for gun murder, but was freed on Tuesday, said he will be turning over his life to Christ and will be getting baptised soon.

Mark Curtis, 28, who was charged for murder, as well as making use of a firearm to commit felony, walked free after the prosecution offered no evidence against him in the Home Circuit Court.

He was charged in connection with the May 2015 murder of Jermaine Peterkin in an area called ‘Back-To’ in Majesty Gardens, Kingston. The victim died from a gunshot wound to his chest.

A gleeful and relieved Curtis, who was spotted outside the courtroom following the hearing, said he was happy but was not surprised at the outcome.

“Mi talk to God this morning, and God tell mi nuh fi worry miself,” he said.

Curtis said he had prayed unceasingly as he knew he was innocent.

According to him, the murder was committed by someone he used to hang out with, and the police knew. That person, he said, has since migrated.


Curtis said he was initially angry at the system for the time lost behind bars, but that his anger has waned over time. “I am just happy to be free, and mi just a go straighten out mi life and stay out of trouble,” he shared with a smile, noting that his mother and girlfriend were anxiously waiting for him on the outside.

Curtis said God came through for him and in return, he is going to dedicate his life to Christ.

He added that he had been attending church service and prayer meetings while in custody.

Asked to describe his time in prison, he said, “It was terrible, it was horrible. Sometimes mi don’t even know mi head from mi foot.”

According to the allegations, on the day in question, about 8 a.m., the lone eyewitness went to an area near a train line in bushes in the community to defecate. While there listening to music from his earphone and handling his business, he was interrupted by gunshots.

Shortly after, the eyewitness reportedly saw Curtis running from the train line with a gun in his hand.

The eyewitness, who had stayed hidden, said that after Curtis disappeared, he went into the community and saw him in a different outfit.

According to him, Curtis was sweating and looking around furtively when he told him that a man was just killed at the garbage disposal area near the train line.

Curtis was shortly after arrested and charged.

The Crown, before offering no evidence, told Justice Leighton Pusey that it was discontinuing its case as the sole eyewitness did not adequately link Curtis to the murder, and based on his distance from the scene, would not have been able to clearly identify the defendant.

“The inferences that the court would be asked to make could not be supported by facts,” the prosecutor added.